Interactive Quiz

This interactive quiz included gamification through a countdown timer. The learners earn more time and gold bricks by answering correctly and eventually win a new van if successfull (OK it's just a picture)..

Crowd Science

This demo showed a variety of e-learning techniques such as drag and drop and interactive video.

Interactive Video

This video was set up so that leaners are asked questions at various points throughout the video. This ensures that they have to pay attention. No going to sleep!


The demo showed how a mixture of drag features, transparency and user input can teach skills normally only taught in the classroom with eqipment

Branching Scenario

This interactive quiz involves the learner having to make choices which then offer different outcomes reinforced with video feedback. Gamification elements are also included with the learner having to restart when making bad decisions.

Driving Game

Add some adrenaline rush to true or false quizzes. Label true items on the hit obstacles and false on the miss. Learners will keep playing until they get them all AND learn at the same time!


This telephone emulator demonstrates how complex equipment can be learned at the desk with no tutor input. No worries about making mistakes, as with real equipment , just reset the emulator and start again. Have a go as many times as youi need without bothering anyone else.

Speed Reading

This demo showed how reading time can be measured and converted to words per minute. There was also a comprehesion test to ensure that the content had been understood, Content to teach speed reading techniques could be included

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